Meet Kerstin: Pathway to Change Graduate

Kerstin joined the Pathway to Change program at the age of 6. She recently had been studying Medicine and General Surgery at UNAN (National Autonomous University of Nicaragua)

What are some of your favorite memories of being in the Pathway to Change program?

Some of my favorite memories are when we had camps on school holidays and baked cookies & cakes, while we were at different activities with all the kids. We had so much fun! I miss it a lot, even the carpentry courses, where I learned to make a bench and years later a table, I still have both. One of my favorite memories was my trip to Canada to speak at the Pathway to Progress breakfast, representing the program. I was honored to share with others the program provides comprehensive education and training for students like me.

If you could give your 10 year old self advice, what would it be?

To never get derailed by what other people say, that you always have to keep going no matter how difficult the circumstances are, because in the end, the reward is greater. That insecure little girl will become a great professional, proud of what she does, grateful for all the opportunities that God gave her in her life. Above all, for the unconditional support of her mother and Hand in Hand Ministries.

Where Kerstin is Now

Today, Kerstin, her brother, Erwin and mother have moved to Miami, Florida under the humanitarian parole program. Kerstin works at the front desk in hospitality at Intercontinental Miami Hotel. She and Erwin, who works as a mechanic, have a new apartment, purchased a car and are loving life in Miami. Kerstin plans to start saving money for nursing school, as this will be an interim step to get back to living her dream in the medical field.

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