Meet Blanca: Pathway to Change Student

Blanca joined the Pathway to Change program at the age of 6. She recently had been studying Industrial Engineering at the University of Central America.

What inspired you to study industrial engineering?

It was our math tutor at the Children’s Center, Juan Avendaño, who inspired me. He gave us all a talk about all the different careers you could study in university, and I became very interested. I did some research on my own and decided this was for me.

If you could give your 10 year old self advice, what would it be?

I would tell myself not to give up, no matter how hard or complicated the situation may seem, and to fight for what I really want. Because, as I learned from Mr. Ed [Dunsworth], who made every kid say this every time we met him at the Children’s Center, “I am intelligent, I am capable, I am going to get ahead, and I am going to be successful in my life.”

Where She is Now

Today, Blanca is an intern with human resources with SINSA Nicaragua, a local large chain hardware store (similar to Home Depot or Lowe’s) As an intern, Blanca gives an introduction to SINSAs new employees and coordinates job skill training, such as forklift usage, safety and hygiene, etc. She works closely with other stores to make training courses. She is currently working on her monograph, and plans to graduate next year.

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