Our Impact

Health Care

Our HIV/AIDS program for Children in Belize, food support across all programs, and construction of wheelchair ramps contribute to the general health of our families. 

HIV/AIDS Response in Belize

Since 2005 we have been meeting the needs of children affected and infected with the HIV/AIDS virus living in Belize. We provide nutritional support, monitoring and distribution of antiretroviral medications, and medicine to treat opportunistic infections.

We also provide limited counseling support to assist older children in the program. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health we provide care for over 75% of the children infected with HIV/AIDS in the country.

Though we have seen a great reduction in mother to child transmission of the virus over the years, with improved medications and monitoring, we still treat over 60 infected children each year.

With your support we hope to expand our counseling services and continue providing care and support for this very vulnerable population.

Initiatives in Appalachia

Nutritional support: We provide nutritional support for nearly 75 families each month, through our emergency food pantry. Each year several immersion trip groups supplement our food pantry supplies with gifts of toiletries and household cleaning supplies.

Aging in place assistance: We provide a variety of services to help residents stay in their homes. For many this assistance includes the construction of a wheelchair ramp, occasional food assistance and help with accessing medical care.

Safety & Accessibility in Louisville

We receive many phone calls from health centers, concerned family members, victim advocates, and caregivers, all looking for a wheelchair ramp.

A ramp represents freedom for those who cannot safely leave their homes. For those waiting to leave a hospital or rehab center the ramp represents home. For others it is part of the healing process after a tragic accident.

Thankfully many churches, businesses, foundations, and individuals have chosen to sponsor a wheelchair for an individual. You can sponsor a ramp with a gift of $2,000. Your group can even build the ramp if you like. Contact Hannah to learn more.

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